Our Menu

Picana 6oz Sirloin Cap
Churrasco Argentino Daily Butcher’s Cut
Ojo de Bife 14oz Boneless Ribeye
Entrana 6oz Bavette
Solomillo de Pulmón 8oz Hangar Steak

Tapapecho 8oz Beet Brisket
Ojo de Bife Ahumada 12oz Prime Rib
Costillas Ahumadas 1/2 Rack - Full Rack Pork Ribs

Carne Blanca Airline chicken breast with green or red chimichurri
Carne Oscura Boneless chicken leg quarter marinated in a jerk seasoning
Alitas ahumadas Smoked jumbo chicken wings (12)

Argentine Chicken breast, pork loin, chorizo and red onion
Gaucho Steak, bell peppers and onions
Pollo Chicken breast, tomato and onion

Ostras con Chimichurri Chargrilled oysters with red chimichurri
Camarones al Ajillo Grilled jumbo prawns with green chimichurri
Calamari de Buenos Aires Fried squid tossed in green or red chimichurri

Papas Fritas Fried potatoes tossed in garlic herb butter and crushed red pepper
Choclos Grilled corn on the cob dressed with crema, chili powder, and parsley
Plátanos Fritos Fried banana topped with condensed milk or cotija cheese and crema
Palta Asada Grilled avocados
Verduras Asadas Grilled vegetables

Bone Marrow Herb Butter
Chimichurri Verde
Ancho Chile Sauce
Lemon Herb Butter
Chimichurri Rojo
Garlic Aioli

Bottled Water
Topo Chico


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